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DFWI can help! We are dedicated to helping unemployed or marginally employed Albertans to acquire employability, essential and occupation-related skills required in the local labour market. We want to help you obtain viable employment that provides increased income and work related benefits. Let us show you how we can help here!


DFWI programs are funded by the Province of Alberta and/or Government of Canada. These programs provide employment preparation and training opportunities to all Albertans to improve their success in the current labour market.  We currently offer two programs in  Camrose, three programs in Wetaskiwin and provide an outreach service in Leduc.

workplace training
life skills for single parents

After successfully delivering the Workplace Training program in Camrose and Wetaskiwin since 2010.  Directions For Wellness is pleased to announce that the contract has been extended until 2020 to continue to provide this service.

Workplace Training provides unemployed Albertans who are lacking the skills and experience that an employer is seeking for a position within the company.  Participants may be able to participate in either a 3 week Paid Work Experience or a 8-12 week Workplace Training.

This program is offered in Camrose and  Wetaskiwin and via outreach in Nisku.

This program is designed for single parents, 18 years and older,  who are seeking support to improve their work-life balance. Sessions are designed to provide single parents with individualized services to explore specific obstacles that are preventing participants from securing and maintaining employment and achieving a work-life balance. 

The program is divided into six phases; Assessment, Life Skills (which includes accessing all community resources specific to an individuals needs), Pre-Employment, Guided Work Search, Employment and Job Maintenance.  


Directions For Wellness (DFW) has been successfully delivering the Workplace Training (WT) program in Camrose and Wetaskiwin since 2010 .  We are pleased to annouce that on September 14, 2015 we were succeful in attaining a new contracted to continue to provide this service.  Workplace Training is a program funded by the Province of Alberta and Canadian Government.

The WT program provides focused work-site training opportunities to enable individuals to obtain a job and substantially improve their employment situation. Individuals who participate in this program will learn to adapt to the changing labour conditions and skill requirements in order to sustain employment and find that dream career they’ve been looking for.

Objectives Of The Workplace Training Program:

  • To enable unemployed and marginally employed individuals to acquire employability skills, essential skills and occupation-related skills required in the local labour market.

  • To assist unemployed and marginally employed Albertans to obtain viable employment that provides increased income and work related benefits.

The expected outcome for Workplace Training is employment in the field of training and normally with the employer that provided the training.


This FREE project is for unemployed for Single Parents (LSSP)  in Wetaskiwin. Life Skills for Single Parents is an innovative project that enables Community and Social Service (CSS) clients to receive individualized services to remove specific barriers or obstacles that may be preventing these individuals from securing, retaining employment and/or improving their development of a healthy work-life.

Directions for Wellness Inc. (DFW) will deliver LSSP work plan in Six Phases to achieve the program requirements; Assessment and Service Plan Development, Life Skills, Pre-Employment Activities, Guided Work Search, Employment and Job Maintenance. 

DFW will build rapport and focus on areas that would make a difference in their participants’ lives; low rental housing, accessing food bank, assistance understanding what their responsibilities are and how to accomplish things many of us take for granted.

Pre-Employment Activities are designed to assist participants in the areas of Career Decision Making, Resume Writing, Interview Skills and Job Search.

Guided Job search is provided to assist participants' in identifying possible employment opportunities. DFW will coach, support and monitor participants in the initial stages of employment and maintain relations with employers.

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Directions For Wellness Inc. (DFWI) is a cost effective training provider alternative to the larger Public and Corporate Institutions.

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