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DFW is prepared to offer the OOES project in Wetaskiwin and Camrose. OOES will be an innovative project that enables Alberta residents aged 18 and older an opportunity to engage themselves in Job Placement OOES individuals will be provided with the skills and support necessary to secure, retain employment thereby improving their quality of life.


Each participant interaction will vary in duration from 1 to 12 weeks of active services and 30 or 90 days of on the job support dependent on the stream of services they participate in. Our experience indicates that participants respond well to personal and flexible delivery. 


Unemployed or marginally employed with the skills and knowledge to attain and maintain employment a qualified workforce. The individualized services are designed to assist these employed or unemployed Albertans, who are not attending an education program under the School Act Career. These services will assist participants to gain and maintain employment. Services length will vary from 1 week to 12 weeks of active service. Job Placement participants will receive case management and follow-up at and 90-day intervals following successful placement.


DFW will review the completed documents and have a candid conversation with the referral about their eligibility and potential success in the Program. Referrals that demonstrate positive responses during the intake process are accepted as a Participant and move on to develop an individualized Service Plan.


All referrals personal information gathered by DFW will be handled in compliance with Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Referrals who meet the eligibility criteria and determining factors are invited to participate in the Program.  Referrals who have mental distress, substance use disorders, or any other medical condition, that are undiagnosed, have not yet been addressed, or are being inappropriately managed will be referred back to the appropriate community agency to address these barriers and/or advised on other programs or services that may better meet their needs.


Experience has shown starting with a brief overview of the Program and outlining the Participant’s criteria and responsibilities assists the potential Participant to make an informed decision.    The thoroughness of the intake, in our opinion, is crucial to the successful outcome of this program. The results of the assessment process will allow the participant to make an informed choice and indicate if they can commit to OOES. 

Service Plan

The Service Plan is the foundation and is pivotal to Case Management of each participant.  The service plan collaborates and summarizes the information gathered during the assessment and is developed with each participant.  Each service plan becomes the participant’s responsibility and requires the participant to be actively engaged in OOES.


Participants will be monitored with regular scheduled appointment in which they can report their progress and struggles that they may be encountering.  It has been our experience that participants who are required to meet and communicate their progress at least weekly are more successful and demonstrate time management and commitment.  


ERS and JP Services


DFW offers a wide range of services that can be utilized for each participant based on the specific services identified in their service plan.


Individuals who are identified as job ready requiring minimal support best option may the ERS stream of services may be the best alternative.  Participants will receive up to four weeks one to one delivered session(s) to assist in them securing employment. If they are unsuccessful securing employment then they can continue in the JP stream for an additional 8 weeks. Our sessions are designed to be delivered in hour blocks with the exception of Career Planning which can take participants additional time to research or complete inventories:

•      Career Planning

•      Job Finding Skills

•      Resume

•      Cover Letter

•      Interview Preparation

•      Job Search Planning

•      Computers and Job Search

•      Accessing the Hidden Job Market



ERS is a direct outcome of DFW ability to engage the participant and employers.  It is pertinent to the success of OOES that DFW demonstrate to Camrose and Wetaskiwin employers the benefit to employ individuals from the OOES program.  For the more self-directed and ambitious participant a supported active job searches with minimal direction with the Job Developer.  The DFW continuously develops a network of employers that require or are seeking assistance with their human resources and staffing requirements. 



For participants identified as RWA but presenting more barriers to employment or not having secured employment within 4 weeks receiving support in the ERS, JP may be a more suitable process for them.  In addition to Career Development workshops participants may also be provided support to address barriers identified during the assessment process or during 1-1 sessions such as Personal (Professional) Development sessions.

Career Services

  • Skill inventory

  • Job interest identification

  • Resume writing

  • Job search methods

  • Self-presentation

  • Interview techniques

  • Career planning

AW publications:

  • World of Work

  • Job Search Techniques

  • Resume Writing/Cover Letters

  • Dressing for Success

  • Interview Skills

  • Career Occupational Preference System

Employability Skills

Skills needed to enter, stay in, and progress in the work world

AW publications:

  • Conduct of Work

  • Job Retention

  • Computer Literacy

Goodwill Industries online training:

  • Computer Basics

  • Email Basics

  • Internet Basics

Fundamental Skills

Basic skills needed for further development e.g., communication, managing information, use of numbers, thinks and solve problems

DFW-designed Personal Management Skills workshops:

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Budgeting Basics

Personal Management Skills

  • Skills, attitudes and behaviours that drive a person’s potential for growth

  • Demonstrate positive attitudes

  • Responsibility

  • Adaptability

  • Continuous learning

  • Working safely

DFW-designed Personal Management Skills workshops:

  • Stress management

  • Intra-personal Relations

  • Self-esteem

  • Expressing One’s Anger

Goodwill Industries online training:

  • Personal Management Skills

Teamwork Skills

Skills and attributes needed to work with others, participate in projects and tasks, and contribute productively

DFW-designed Personal Management Skills workshops:

  • Working With Others

  • Team Building

JP Job Search

DFW is expected to keep up with changes in the field, have current knowledge of Camrose & Wetaskiwin job market and, together with their colleagues, develop and maintain innovative programming that achieves the highest standards in employment practices and adult education. 


The DFW is to ensure the participant has the necessary supports in place to reduce their risk on the job.  Measures will be taken to ensure childcare is arranged, transportation, time management and reliability are promoted. During Job Placement DFW will now focus on the other components of OOES Employment Placement and Work Experience.


DFW will provide participants with various job leads with potential employers.  Potential employers will be contacted and encouraged to provide a mentor and or contact support person to ensure the transition to employment has supports in place to be successful.


Guided Job Search will provide participants who are seeking an occupational change or refocus.  The Job Developer will determine the participants existing transferable skills and network with employer to match these skills with the job requirements


Exposure Courses

Exposure Course training may be delivered in conjunction with employer verification that the exposure course is required for employment. to provide the certification required for a learner to obtain employment in a specific occupation in “as short a time period as possible”.


Short Courses are commonly referred to as exposure courses.  These certified courses are generally safety focused but may include other forms of training such as; computer training, specific software courses or equipment training and are provided by a third-party.  The course completion must align with the participants career goal and has been verified by DFW.

DFW will conduct a standard follow-up, within ninety days of the completion of EC training, to determine that a suitable outcome was achieved.


Job Maintenance 30 - and 90-Day Follow-up

Job Maintenance begins once an ERS or JP participant secures employment. DFW provide continuous regular support to both the participant and employer during 30 for ERS participants and 90 days for Exposure Course and Job Placement placements. 


DFW Job Maintenance Supports is a very necessary and highly regarded component of OOES. Our previous experience is  that an individual’s transition to employment can present numerous obstacles.  Our goal is to ensure that participants feel supported and are encouraged to succeed and embrace their new opportunity and reduce their tendency to return to old behaviors.


The DFW provides an invaluable set of tools to assist and lessen the likelihood of departure by the participant. DFW initial and regular onsite visitations may lead to the identification of the participant’s journey from disengagement to departure. It is imperative that a relationship is developed with the trainee during the guided work search phase to assist in the use of active listening observation of non-verbal behaviours.


Directions For Wellness Inc. (DFWI) is a cost effective training provider alternative to the larger Public and Corporate Institutions.

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